Seljuk Art Peel and Stick Wall Decals

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Seljuk Art Traditional Design Wall Art Decals

Waterproof Self-adhesive Tile Sticker, Kitchen Bathroom Tile Wall Art Decals replicating mesmerizing historical art designs and figures of the Seljuk Period.

Continuous traditional Seljuk patterned wall tile Sticker (20X20 Cm), digital printing produced on 20x20 cm foil and covered with protective gloss coating making these tile stickers easy clean, water resistant, and stain-proof.

Peel and stick tiles are an easy, affordable way to give your bathroom walls and kitchen backsplash the perfect makeover. Beautiful historical art forms and tile designs found in the palace of the Seljuk Emperor Sultan Alaaddin Keykubad (1220-1237). Symbolic and unique patterns to create an amazing backsplash.

Ideal gift for those who love awe-inspiring endless winding patterns.

- Unique & Rich Design
- Self Adhesive
- Long Life, Durable
- Removable
- Will Not Damage Wall
- Light Canvas Texture Matte  
- Flexible, Cuts Easily
- Easy to Clean
- Excellent Quality, Thick
- Designs to Enlighten any Space 

Installation: Clean flat surface to adhere properly before sticking. Ensure adhering surface is oil-free, dry and clean. Adhesive is not required. Adhere to flat and smooth surfaces only.

Our sticker backsplash tiles will not discolor over time. Taking good care of your backsplash, and keeping it clean and will ensure long life.

Made with quality material, indiscernible from regular ceramic tile at a distance.

Perfect DIY material for quick, easy, application.

Long lasting, does not discolor, water resistant, perpetual stick, long life with proper maintenance.