- Beautiful items! How can I obtain historical/product information?

Brief information concerning our products can be found here. Join our Newsletter for more detailed information on our products as well as for new product updates and specials. Just place your e-mail address in the Newsletter field in the left column and click submit. Or just write us at info@ShopTurkey.com.

- Are your ceramic tiles hand or machine made?

Our ceramic tiles are of two varieties. Both of exceptional make and highest quality. You will not be disappointed. Our machine made tiles are print dry press ceramic tiles. These are lesser price as they are straight ceramic. However, all models reflect amazing color and styles of the Ottoman centuries. There are a multitude of styles in the traditional 20x20cm size. You will find these models here. We also provide outstanding border tiles to match in 10x20cm or 20x20cm sizes. Borders and corners may be seen here. As well, we offer impressive mural works in dry press ceramic, which make this art possible for everyone to have. You may view these beautiful works here. All models and styles can usually be adapted to meet customer size requirements, but we suggest you first contact us to discuss your project needs. 
We also provide world famous hand made Iznik Quartz tiles. Iznik Quartz is the top of the line when considering luster and strength. These tiles are heavier, thicker and extremely sturdy. They last a lifetime. These tiles may be made to any size or shape your project requires, so in this way we are quite flexible. Please contact us directly for more information and to receive a quote. In addition art, color schemes, calligraphic styles and themes are all open to your needs. If you are looking for the best of the best then this is what we suggest. A part of our Iznik Tile selections may be seen here.    
All our tiles are water proof and may be used outdoors. 

- How long will it take for me to receive and order placed with your company?

Our transit and delivery time frames run between 6-12 days. All orders come to you directly from Turkey, so considering the distance and the unique nature of the products we offer, it's really not that much of a wait. You will receive an email from us, first advising the processing of your order. Then that it has been packed and awaiting shipment. Next, once your order has been shipped. After customs clearance has been completed you will receive updated tracking information on your order. Note: Your credit card is only charged after your order is prepared and ready for shipping.

- Why do I receive two shipping notifications, and please explain what the statuses mean.

Our order status information flow is as follows:

- Awaiting Payment (usually the first notification send when order made via credit card. We do not charge card until your items are made, inspected, and ready to ship) 

- Awaiting Fulfillment (notification means we are in the process of making or arranging your order. This status may remain anywhere from 2-5 days)

- Awaiting Shipment (notification means that your items are packed and ready for shipping. This status may remain anywhere from 3-4 days)

- Shipped (without tracking number notification means goods have been shipped from Turkey. For certain countries like USA we must clear your order in with Customs in US prior to updating tracking information. Usually this tracking information is updated immediately after Customs has cleared the product and occurs approx. 3-4 days after the first shipping notification) 

- Shipped (with tracking number is the last notification to confirm your order has been shipped and may be tracked up to final delivery)

- Can tiles be used outdoor? What about floor?

Yes, our tiling is durable in both in and outdoor environments. In addition, they may be used to tile walls in pools or fountains. Our tiling is NOT TO BE USED ON FLOOR, as does not have mandatory slip proof materials required in all floor tiling. 

- Can I purchase an item and send it as a gift on this website?

Yes, our products make wonderful gifts that last a lifetime. Just write the delivery information of the person you want the package to be sent to in the "ship to" field in the billing screen, and we'll do the rest. For additional directions, you may write a "delivery by" or "include card" in the Comments section. We'll be in contact with you to make sure your gift is perfect!

- Will my credit card information be given to a country outside the USA?

Absolutely not. Your credit card transactions are made with a US Bank and settlements are handled within the USA.
Regarding payment security, ShopTurkey.com uses secure payment system and all transactions are
handled in a secure online environment.
Please review our security policy to address any concerns you may have concerning security measures at this site.

- If I want to speak with your company do I have to call Turkey?

ShopTurkey.com is a corporation in the state of Florida.
Call us TOLL FREE in the USA or from Canada at 1-866-SHOP-TUR (1-866-746-7887).
From any other country call +1-239-293-4923. Hablamos español.

- Who should I contact to see when my item will be finished or shipped? 

There is no need to contact ShopTurkey.com for order or shipping information. We will be in regular contact with you from the minute you place your order up to final delivery. But if you have a question write us at info@ShopTurkey.com.

- Why do I receive a "Complete your order email" and how can I stop it?

This email is automatically generated by out system to remind you of your interest and possible purchase. We never press customers to purchase or SPAM mail. All email provided us are confidential and we hold the protection of privacy to the highest regard. However do know that if you do leave items in your shopping cart, you will continue to receive the emails. Our suggestion is to re-visit your shopping cart and empty it and the system will not send a remainder. 

- What if I receive the item and it is broken?

All items are packed according to international shipping standards and shipped insured. The possibility of damage to your shipment during transport is very small. If shipping
damage is evident at delivery, you may refuse the shipment. Please read our return policy for more information on how to quickly resolve a damaged merchandise situation in the case you find damage after you've accepted the package.
At ShopTurkey.com customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

- I am looking for mosaic lamps and lighting products, do you sell these? If so how can I order?

ShopTurkey.com is your portal to shopping in Turkey. We can provide you with whatever items you are looking for
in the Turkish market. Click on, fill out and send us the SPECIAL ORDER form found in the navigation bar at the top. This form provides you with a quick and easy way to shop in Turkey with ShopTurkey.com.
Let us know what you are looking for. We'll be in contact with you concerning how to obtain it.