Ceramic Mural Tiles Backsplash

Ceramic Mural Tiles Backsplash

Featuring timeless Iznik art decorative hand painted tile murals backsplashes.

These assorted Iznik Art backsplash tile patterns are the finest works of natural lasting beauty. Skillfully designed and painted to perfection.

Each decorative tile murals measuring 20x20cm is individually hand painted and joined together to form the most graceful work of art. Over 120 models available.

Planning to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom? Want something unique to deviate from the standard look? Our colorful floral art backsplashes are the route to go. Enter the rich world of ceramic tile murals backsplash featuring designs from the ottoman centuries. Backsplash tile patterns that create the most unique works of art. Filled with rich gem colors of aquamarine, cobalt, turquoise, ruby and emerald; revealing sublime natural designs. Our high quality glazed mural tile backsplashes ensure versatility and withstand the test of time. Each work is specially made for you and delivered both quickly and safely to your home. Get the perfect backsplash wall art for your home today.

 Indoor Usage 

  • Bath, Bathroom, Spa
  • Home, Villa, Palace
  • Office, Interior Decoration
  • Hotel Lobby, Restaurant wall

Outdoor Usage

  • Ornamentation on garden wall
  • Shrine, Fountain, Pool
  • Exterior Decoration

All hand made, arranged, and designed according to your space requirements if needed.

Over 120 models to choose from.

For estimates, questions, or design assistance contact: info@shopturkey.com

Timeless beauty, timeless art.


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