Charity - 80x180cm Iznik Art Calligraphic Ceramic Wall Mural

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Name: Charity
Type: Ceramic Tile Backsplash Panel
Dimensions: 80cm x 180cm (31 1/2" x 70 55/64")
Thirty-six piece hand painted ceramic tile backsplash wall mural.

Beautiful wash of cobalt blue and turquoise, surrounding sprouting semi-natural design life art forms. Perfect ceramic art for the walls of your home.

Inscribed: "The best of all people, are those who are the most beneficial to people."

Description: Many historical sayings concern this noble word, however none so exact as the sayings of the Messengers of the Creator. Beautiful Iznik floral patterns springing to life, surrounded by floral border scheme, and crowned with the best calligraphic art. Pure hand painted perfection!

Heat and water resistant. Perfect design and color for garden, fountain, shower or pool areas!

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Quality Management ISO 9001:2008 Certification Turkish Standards Institute: Certificate of Conformity Resistant to both heat and water for indoor and outdoor use