Internet should be a tool you use, not a tool that uses you.

Internet should be a tool you use, not a tool that uses you.

We are bringing a high quality, hard to find product, directly to your door from the Turkish market at almost the same price you would be paying if you went to buy it in Turkey yourself.

How we are able to do this so reliably and quickly, is our business; but when you buy from, you are buying from a SMALL BUSINESS located in USA. We utilize the internet as a tool to make it all easily available for you - almost as if you were shopping from a business in your own town.

We are a small company which cherishes this timeless ceramic tile art, not a 3rd party platform whose sole existence is to sell you product, learn your preferences, advertise to you, and sell you more.

Internet should be a tool that you can use, not a tool that uses you.

Our interaction with you is confined from point-of-sale to final delivery. I may send an email asking for feedback and pictures of your installation. Whether or not you wish to supply them is your choice. Your support only helps in showing others how beautiful this art is, and, in giving clients a better idea on what kind of service they can expect from us.

Everything is simple, straightforward, and honest. There are no bells, no whistles, no gimmicks or tricks. No doctored customer reviews or exaggerated sales figures. No pop-ups or unwanted advertisements. We’ve been doing business this way since 2002 and will continue as always.

Support small business, not S&P 500 corporations when getting the high quality, hard to find İznik Art tiles found on our website. All products online are delivered directly to your door in the time periods specified in the product pages. Delivered quickly, safely, and backed-up with the best customer service that answers your questions or concerns quickly.

Shop with us - I personally guarantee your complete satisfaction, with our products and service.

Thank you for your consideration and appreciation of our art,

Rasim F. Kut - Owner Operator