COVID Delivery Protocol

COVID Delivery Protocol

With the recent spikes in the pandemic, customers have been asking about our delivery schedule. Currently we are not experiencing and noticeable delays in our production or delivery schedules.Please note that our standard delivery time frames (8-16 days) are still in effect. 

However, you may consider this our general guideline as to how our operations will continue during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

1) Orders of printed tiles made at by WEDNESDAY 24H00 EST (05H00 GMT +1), will be sent on Friday.

2) Orders printed tiles made after this time on THURSDAY or FRIDAY will be sent the following week on FRIDAY.

As usual, we will advise all clients via email, the status of shipments (scheduled departures, delays, etc.) prior to departure. 

Single piece samples will be still be delivered within USA in the time frames as specified on the tile page.

3) Orders of hand painted works are delivered in the usual 12-16 day delivery schedule.  

If you have any questions, don't be shy to write us at we always love to hear from you, and will return with an answer to your inquiry quickly.  

Thank you for your attention and patience during these difficult times.

With Peace,