60x100cm - Mirth of Life Red

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Name: Mirth of Life
Type: Hand painted Ceramic Tile Panel
Dimensions: 60cm x 100cm

Beautifully hand painted fifteen piece ceramic Turkish tile panel, 
Art to which humanity strives for. Happiness, peace and ease. Floral representation of heaven on earth.

Semi Natural Tulip adoration in various colors stemming from the Origin of Tulips. 

Chintamani in the cloud of heaven among precise tuğrakeş designed background.

All HAND PAINTED to perfection!

The perfect backsplash elaboration for a kitchen or bathroom  
Timeless Art. Now it is not a dream anymore.


All art works can be adapted to fit your tiling area size requirements.

For more information on this work or to order special sizes please contact: info@ShopTurkey.com

Quality Management ISO 9001:2008 Certification Turkish Standards Institute: Certificate of Conformity Heat and water resistant, for both indoor and outdoor application