40x120cm - Floral Sea Ceramic Tile Backsplash

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Name: Floral Sea
Type: Ceramic Tile Backsplash Panel
Dimensions: 40cm x 120cm (15 3⁄4" x 47 1⁄4")

Description: Bowing tulips surrounded by floral tides border creating an ocean of floral life. This special sixteen piece ceramic tile backsplash wall mural is the perfect art to fill an empty wall space. Sensational wash of ruby red and turquoise colors.

Heat and water resistant. Perfect design and color for garden, fountain, shower or pool areas!

Containing: Perfect tulip and floral patterns in the Red Tulips 20x25cm wall tile. Winding, spinning borderabundant patterns over a turquoise background border, surrounding the elegant patterns of the Tulip and Reed wall tile

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Quality Management ISO 9001:2008 Certification Turkish Standards Institute: Certificate of Conformity Resistant to both heat and water