Thriving Life Red

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Extraordinary hand painted ceramic quartz Iznik tile panel. The best in beauty and lasting quality.

Displaying detailed floral art of the Iznik Era. 

A wild image of thriving floral forms - including lotus flowers, saz leaves and nazar grapes. 

Surrounded with detailed life vine red border. All rich in meaning, precision, color and beauty. 

This work of Iznik tile floral art is bound to bring life to any wall. Used as backsplash in kitchen or bathroom.

All handmade, solid quartz ceramic, resonating perfect colors and floral forms of the past.

Produced in: Iznik, Turkey

Total Tiles: 6

Panel Dimensions

40cm x 60cm (approx. 16" x 24")

All designs can be arranged to match the sizes required for your space.

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