Rainbow Waves Nine Shade Hanging Mosaic Glass Lamp

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Rainbow Waves Nine Shade Hanging Mosaic Glass Lamp

Pure brilliance. Beautiful lilac colored light shades, soft and inviting. This shade of many colors is created by using a soft yellow bulb as opposed to the brighter purple seen in the winding lamp. Same shade, different bulb type, many color possibilities. These nine hand made mosaic glass shades hang at various lengths from a circular chamber. The chamber is easily attached to an electrical source and hung from the ceiling on a hook. Metal coupling included to cover the attachment.

Bring hard to find, unique hand made hanging mosaic cut glass lamps to your home today. 

Chamber width: 30cm (12 inches)
Lamp Length: 90cm (almost 3 feet)
Shade Size: 13 x 10cm (5 1⁄8" x 3 15⁄16")
120V and 220V compliant

We prepare sockets according to delivery area EU (E14) or US (E12) requirements. Bulbs not included. Please use LED bulbs which burn cooler, and are energy efficient. Pliable light weight metal. Easy to install and easy to hang. Glass shades are easily removable for cleaning or replacement.

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EN61058-2-1 and EN61058-2-1 certified