Dish with Iznik Decorations

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High Quality stonepaste ceramic plate from Iznik. Best quality museum replication.

Fascinating floral artwork evolving into a variety shapes and patterns.

Their decoration in reserve on a cobalt blue ground was inspired by Yuan (1271-1368) blue-and-white porcelains. The quality of these ceramic wares reflected the ambitions of a court patronage with a growing demand for objects of luxury and prestige.

This motif highly characteristic of the first phase of Iznik pottery is inspired by the creations of Baba Nakkas, a major designer from the reign of Mehmet II whose output is known through drawings conserved in an album in the Topkapi Museum.

Carefully designed hand painted Iznik Wall Plate with traditional art and perfect replication of works from the Ottoman Era Art for your home.


Diameter: 33cm (approx. 13")

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