Peel and Stick Removable Backsplash Tile Decals

Peel and Stick Removable Backsplash Tile Decals

Not that we want to undercut our ceramic tiles business; but the reality is, not everyone is down for a complete bathroom make-over/re-tiling project. 

So we are happy to newly introduce your favorite Iznik tile arts as now in peel and stick removable tile decal format. 

  • Vinyl stickers are sold by the pack.
  • One pack contains 10pc 20x20cm (7 7/8x7 7/8") decals.  
  • Ten pieces cover a little more than 4 square  feet. 25pcs make one square meter.
  • These tile decals are colorful, clean, easy to install, and come in some of the best selling models at

Grab yourself a pack or two today, you will not be disappointed. You might even regret trying vinyl decals because once you see how easy and good looking they are, you'll leave no space 'untiled' in your home.

We're happy to be able to bring this art to you, and look forward to start hearing from everybody; because having these ornate designs in your home is now more easy and affordable then ever. (please send pix!)

Thank you for your appreciation and support,